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Concessions Counter Attendant

The Concession Counter Attendant of the Holdrege Sun Theater and Event Venue is responsible for preparing and serving various snack items and drinks to theater guests.  They greet guests, assemble food orders, operate the point-of-sale terminal and make accurate change, often under busy conditions.  Counter Attendants are also responsible for keeping food items stocked, counters, equipment, and condiment areas clean.


Concession Counter Attendants will provide excellent guest service and adhere to safety and sanitation guidelines, in order to provide exceptional quality of food and service to all Holdrege Sun Theater and Event Venue guests. Compliance with rules and regulations of all applicable federal, state and local laws as well as Holdrege Sun Theater and Event Venue policies is a condition of employment.

General Manager and Communications Director

At Bricks & Company, we relate our success directly to the loyalty of our community. To continue operating at our high standards, we’re seeking a general manager, who’s a born leader and go-getter, to manage operations of the Holdrege Sun Theater and Events Venue and direct communications strategies of Bricks & Company. This person should have experience in overseeing business operations as well as human resources, finance, and communications. The ideal candidate will be an expert communicator and networker who has a strong ability to delegate responsibility and collaborate across a range of departments. Ultimately, the general manager and communications director should be driven by a desire to develop and maintain a strong brand. 

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